LifeWatch-ERIC | reshaping biodiversity and ecosystem research 


Combining a wide range of ICT tools and resources with deep knowledge of the domain, LifeWatch-ERIC as an e-Science infrastructure provides unprecedented opportunities to perform faster, cutting-hedge and collaborative activities for biodiversity and ecosystem research.


LifeWatch-ERIC has been designed as the answer to many of the constraints affecting researchers daily work and to their pressing needs for more and more diverse data, larger and more advanced models making possible to reach new frontiers of the ecological domain. LifeWatch-ERIC, being well aware of its socio-economic dimension, was born with a clear mission of supporting our societies in addressing the key planetary challenges. 

The infrastructure is more than a resource for research actors, being directly connected to a number of issues at the heart of today’s social well-being, such as biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management, food and energy supply, blue and green economy, waste cycle, touristy and cultural heritage.