Topic outline

  • General


    In this three-day webinar programme we will introduce the main topics of the winter school (the use of FAIR data in ENVRI Community, and for Environmental and Earth sciences research) with theoretical presentations, exercises and discussion.

  • Cloud computing and application development for research infrastructures (July 13th 2020)

    In this webinar, we will discuss the basic concepts of cloud computing, including virtualization, containerization, service models, and cloud application development. We will also discuss how clouds can support data management and scientific workflows in the research infrastructures via examples from ENVRIplus and ENVRI-FAIR projects.

    Speaker: Zhiming Zhao

  • Workflows Orchestration and Execution (July 14th 2020)

    In this webinar, we will introduce methodologies and tools to design, develop and execute scientific workflows for data curation and analysis. In particular, the Node-RED orchestrator will be presented and some didactical examples from LifeWatch Italy showcases will be discussed.

    Speakers: Nicola Fiore and Lucia Vaira

  • An introduction on Jupyter (September 22nd 2020)

    This webinar will present a case study on how to use a Jupyter Hub with Python Notebooks as to disseminate research data to the public, policy makers, and scientists. The Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium, measuring greenhouse gas concentrations and fluxes. The data portal (ICOS Carbon Portal) provides access to ICOS data, as well as services for online collaboration and education.

    In a nutshell, we will show you how we use ansible playbooks to create virtual machines, where we assemble docker images to run a Jupyter Hub and the final user interface as a docker container. 

    Speakers: Claudio D'Onofrio and Karolina Pantazatou

  • Towards ENVRI Community International Winter School DATA FAIRness - Webinar Feedback

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