Topic outline

  • General

  • Introductory course

    Thursday 19th November, 14.00-16.30h CET

    Presenters: Keith Jeffery (EPOS) and Doron Goldfarb (LTER)

    This introductory webinar addresses the basic theoretical background:

    • How is provenance recorded
    • What is provenance
    • Why is it important
    • What does provenance relate to
    • Recording methods
    • Provenance and FAIRness

  • Technical Demonstrator 1

    Wednesday 2nd December, 15.00-16.00h CET

    Presenter: Doron Goldfarb (LTER)

    PROV Template is a proposed extension to the existing set of W3C PROV specifications, dedicated to providing a formal language to describe templates for PROV conforming documents, a formal specification to describe bindings between source documents and template variables and a mechanism to instantiate templates using such bindings. This demonstrator will provide an introduction how to use this specification to turn existing log files available e.g. as csv into conforming PROV documents and point to existing tools in this regard.

  • Technical Demonstrator 2

    Wednesday 9th December, 15.00-16.00h CET

    Presenter: Markus Stocker

    This demonstrator focuses on provenance and models a specific data production/processing workflow used at NILU. It shows how to use PROV-O to represent provenance information for an example data processing workflow.

  • Technical Demonstrator 3

    Technical Demonstrator 3

    Wednesday 16th December, 15.00-16.00h CET

    Presenters: Daniele Bailo, Keith Jeffery (EPOS)

    The EPOS Approach using the main catalogue.

  • 'Bring your own provenance cases' workshop

    Thursday 18th February, 14.00-17.30h CET

    Presenters: all trainers from this training event, WP7 staff (Zhiming Zhao et al.) plus relevant experts from the RI's

    This workshop-type session is held in collaboration with WP7 to discuss cases, issues, problems and questions collected from the community, working towards practical support and -possibly- solutions.

    • Preparatory readings