Topic outline

  • 2nd ENVRI-FAIR Policy Workshop

    • Introduction

      This 2nd ENVRI policy workshop concentrates on the newly created ENVRI Policy Framework.

      It looks at some of the key policy drivers relevant to ENVRI data service providers – originating in the EOSC Rules of Participation, the FAIR Principles and developments such as the ENVRI-Hub – and derives requirements for ENVRI RIs policies needed to be compliant with these. 

      The Policy Framework collects together 31 policy statements covering issues on a wide range of data-, metadata- and service related decisions, presents their interconnections, and gives notes on the policy implementation.

    • Policies required by EOSC and FAIR

      Workshop Key points include:

      • Introduction to the policy drivers, requirement analysis and the draft policy framework
      • Split to small group discussions on specific policy areas
      • Common discussion on the policy areas and individual policy statements
      • Mentimeter analysis of already implemented policies in RIs
      • Discussion on the next steps towards controlled policy landscape

      Speaker(s): Ari Asmi and Keith Jeffery