From an inventory among the various subdomain work packages in ENVRI-FAIR, WP6 concluded that Provenance Tracing was high on the priority list of training requirements for RI's. 

Using the very relevant outcomes of the ENVRIplus project as written down in Deliverable D8.5 (Data provenance and tracing for environmental sciences: system design), we have put together a series of events all focussing on this topic:

  • An introductory webinar addressing the basic theoretical background like: What's the importance, what does it relate to, what are the recording methods, how to make provenance tracing FAIR;

  • Three technical demonstrators of provenance tracing:

    • The PROV Template approach - Doron Goldfarb

    • The ENVRI-FAIR demonstrator focusing on provenance, and modeling a specific data production/processing workflow used at NILU. This technology demonstrator shows how to use PROV-O to represent provenance information for an example data processing workflow. - Markus Stocker

    • The EPOS Approach using the main catalogue - Keith Jeffery, Daniele Bailo;

  • A workshop type session in collaboration with WP7 to discuss cases, issues, problems and questions collected from the community, working towards practical support and -possibly- solutions.