This course provides a practical, structured introduction to the main concepts of the ENVRI Reference Model (ENVRI-RM). 

The course is built around a case study analysing and modelling a typical infrastructure activity; namely, the activity of making data / metadata from an archive available to users both directly and indirectly, via other partners’ networks. The case study uses the example of a real archive – the Archive for Marine Species and Habitats Data (DASSH). 

Through practical exercises participants will apply elements of the ENVRI RM to parts of the case study work and will gain an understanding of the concepts, their relationships and how to apply them. On completion, the student will have gained an understanding of the main concepts of the ENVRI Reference Model, and how the model can be used to carry out typical activities concerned with the design of infrastructure.

Managers and engineers of research infrastructures will begin to think of their systems as distributed systems and understand the basics for modelling them using the ENVRI RM.

There are no prerequisites for the course.

This course has been developed in alignment with the ENVRI RM version 2.1 and 2.2.