The 2021 ENVRI Community International Winter School on Data FAIRness is taking place on January 11-22, 2021. The theme of the school is "ENVRI-FAIR Resources: Access & Discoverability", and it will cover a range of topics including semantic navigation, Jupyter environments for visualisation and data discovery, resource access tools and cloud computing.

Since the focus should is about supporting end users in how to make the best use of the data, understanding the end user perspective is very important to develop good user interfaces and services to interact with data. The main target groups are the staff at ENVRI data centres, researchers and PhD candidates with the aim to: i) present state of the art technologies relevant to FAIRification of services; ii) based on real-life use cases, encourage adoption of new technology to enhance data center functionality; iii) enable new knowledge-exchange networks for ENVRI data professionals.